Rescuers Saved This Wounded Dog And Found Him A New Home

Rescuers from the group “Howl Of A Dog” saved a stray pup named Amigo roaming in one of Romania’s industrial areas. When they arrived, they saw him licking one of his paws and found out that he actually had a fresh wound. So much was blood was dripping from the cut that it left small trails on the pavement.





The team approached Amigo, and when they realized that he was severely hurt, they hurriedly brought him back to their car and drove to the vet. While they were on their way, they noticed that the pup also had a cut on his tongue when he opened his mouth. They guessed that this was caused by eating from tin cans and got slashed from its sharp edges.

Amigo’s wound was immediately treated when they arrived at the clinic and received other necessary medical attention he needed. He got microchipped and received all the vaccines a dog is required to have. After making sure that there was no life-threatening illness happening in Amigo’s body, the rescuers then brought him back home with them.

Under Howl Of A Dog’s care, Amigo was well fed, so he doesn’t have to scavenge food from the garbage and risk getting his tongue cut again. He turned into a healthy and happy dog and made friends with the other dogs staying with the rescuers. It may seem that Amigo was definitely contented with the rescuers, but his destiny is someplace else.

A family from New Jersey, United States, reached out to the rescue group and told them that they wanted to share their home with Amigo. Soon enough, Amigo met his new hoomans and is now living and making beautiful memories with them. But there are still other dogs who also need a happy ending like this one, and Howl Of A Dog is trying their best to make it happen. Watch Amigo’s story and learn how to adopt pups like him in the video below.

Credits: Howl Of A Dog


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