Resident Fur Animals Meet The New Puppy And Their Different Reactions Sum Up How Families Work

Do you remember how your entire family reacted to an introduction of a new member of the clan? Did each member react differently, though everyone followed a code of general pleasantry?

If your answer’s yes to both, then you’re on this planet, indeed. Most families, if not all, react that way. It’s a tried and tested situation that everyone has experienced at least once.


This household just got a new Malamute named Teddy. The newcomer was about to be introduced to the resident Malamutes, plus the cat.

The resident Malamute brothers were Phil and Niko, while the cat’s known as Milo. You could tell that this household’s fur parents were a bit nervous about the whole encounter.

When you’ve got dogs their size, and you know that they’re territorial, then you’re right to be a bit worried. Add a cat who’s not exactly small to the mix, and you’ve got your work cut out for you.

The parents decided to introduce Phil first, as he’s the alpha. He’s also gentle and wise, so Teddy got to meet the leader of the pack first.

Phil was naturally curious as he checked Teddy out, and the newcomer let it be known that he’s no pushover. Phil growled, and Teddy did the same.

The alpha may have growled, but after a bit, he wagged his tail. It was a relief for the hooman parents. Now, with Phil’s approval, they could introduce Teddy to the rest of the house pets.

It was Milo’s turn next, and he was very cautious about Teddy. The cat crept closer to the pup and sniffed him out. Milo must have known that this was another Malamute, so he went his merry way.

Niko met Teddy last, and although he wasn’t as welcoming as Phil, we knew that they’d get along well. Here’s to many lovely adventures together, pets!

Photo and video credits to Life with Malamutes via YouTube


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