Runaway Rescue Dog Found With the Help of Hundreds

Image via IOW Lost Pets Group

Stacy Cripps, a pet lover from the Isle of Wight rescued Moose from a notorious kill shelter when Moose was about two years old. They were going through the pandemic fiasco from early last year like the rest of the world, keeping each other company. Unfortunately, even with all the precautions and safety measures, Stacey caught COVID-19 and was instructed to rest and self-isolate at home. 

Among all the pains and discomforts that come with COVID-19, Stacey was missing her daily walks with Moose and was concerned for his wellbeing since he was also stuck at home with her. She was grateful when one of her friends offered to take Moose out for a walk. As a rescue dog, Moose was often nervous and uncomfortable around strangers, but since he was familiar with her friend and his dog, she thought Moose would be fine going on a quick walk. Little did she know, this would lead to a 28-hour adventure that would bring the whole pet-loving community of the Isle of Wright together. 

Image via IOW Lost Pets Group

Right after John—Stacey’s friend—stopped at Ventnor Downs for the walk, Moose shot out his car boot and ran into the wilderness. John immediately informed Stacy, and she posted the news on a Facebook group with over 15,000 pet lovers in the area. Over a hundred people showed up to search for the nervous runaway rescue pup. Soon, the story was shared even in other countries and she got messages of support from pet loves in Canada, the USA, and even in Turkey. The pup went missing on Sunday, and with the help of the community, he was found on Monday afternoon, shaken but safe. 

Story from Isle of Wight Lost Pets Group

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