Security Guards Helped Rescuers Catch A Homeless Dog Refusing To Be Saved

A nonprofit animal rescue organization called Hope For Paws got notified about a homeless German Shepherd living outside a medical clinic. The team went to the venue immediately to get the dog out of that place.

Unfortunately, upon arriving at the venue, the dog looked so scared of them. They were able to tell that it was one of the cases wherein the dog had trust issues with humans because of past experiences.

Giving up was not an option for the rescuers. They did everything they could to win the dog’s trust, just like luring him with food. Sadly, no matter how much he appeared to feel hungry, he rejected their treats. He even as fast as he could, hoping he could have a hideout.

The rescuers never liked the idea of saving stray dogs along a busy street. However, the dog left them no choice but to follow him, even if that meant being on the road. Thankfully, a few security guards spotted them as they attempted to catch the dog. They did not think twice about jumping in to help.

Together, they trapped the dog inside a gated lot. They closed the gates the moment he entered there. The dog had nowhere to run to anymore, so the rescuers grabbed the chance to get hold of her.

It broke their hearts to see how afraid of humans the dog was. They wanted to make him feel loved, so they started by giving him Mozart as a name. They also brought him to a veterinary clinic, where they learned that he was overall healthy. After that, the team transferred him to a foster home, where he would stay until a family decides to adopt him.

Shown in the video below is Mozart’s full rescue story.

Video credit: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via Youtube


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