Strangers lend a helping hand to homeless man traveling across the USA with 11 rescued stray dogs

The dedication of a homeless man to his dogs and their travel across the United States has deeply moved those who love dogs. As a result, a number of animal rescuers and compassionate people have helped him and his 11 stray dogs to reach their intended destination and provide them with all the necessary resources for a new beginning.


While traveling across the United States with only a bike, a cart, and 11 dogs for company, a man named Steve caught the attention of a passerby. His cart had a sign that said “Strays United Ministry. God Loves Stray,” and Alicia Edrington approached him to inquire about his circumstances.

Despite being homeless since 2001, Steve has continued to provide a home for stray dogs, treating them as part of his family. He has even gone without food to ensure that the dogs are fed, cared for, and loved. Throughout the last 14 years, Steve has taken care of more than 50 dogs without a home.

Steve was on a journey from California to meet a friend in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had already traveled 2000 miles on his bike before reaching Memphis, Arizona. When Alicia encountered him, she contacted her mother, Mickey, who had experience in rescuing animals.

Upon learning about Steve and his dogs, the West Memphis Animal Shelter stepped in to donate 100 pounds of dog food. Additionally, a GoFundMe page was created to gather donations for the dogs. Before continuing on their journey, all the dogs were thoroughly checked and cared for, with some receiving veterinary treatment, cleaning, and overall care.

Volunteers from the local rescue organization organized transportation for Steve and his dogs to travel the remaining distance to their destination in Indiana.

Upon reaching Indiana, Steve was introduced to the people at SOAR: Street Outreach Animal Response Initiative. He was enrolled in their outreach program, which will assist him in securing employment and affordable housing. The program will also provide veterinary care, microchipping, and spaying/neutering services for his dogs.

The Edringtons expressed their appreciation for the generous donors who have already exceeded the fundraising goal on the GoFundMe campaign. All the funds raised will be utilized to provide a new home, utilities, food, veterinary expenses, and other necessary resources to assist Steve and his dogs in starting a wonderful new life.

This heartwarming story showcases the kindness of people coming together to assist those in need. Don’t hesitate to share this wonderful account with your loved ones!


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