Sweet Golden Retriever Has Unusual But Sweetest Friendship With Tiny Guinea Pig

Pippin is a sweet Golden Retriever who managed to get the love and trust of a tiny guinea pig named Frankenstein. This uncanny duo looks so cute together; they’re going to melt your hearts!

golden retriever puppy on grey wooden fence during daytime

The odd friendship with Pippin and Frank

Pippin and Frank are wildly different in many ways. The dog Pippin is sweet and patient, while Frank, the guinea pig, is playful and spontaneous. But despite their notable differences, they are bonded by their friendship.

Pippin and Frank have become so close that you wouldn’t see one without the other. And in their case, it’s always Frank who follows Pippin around!

Frank looks up to Pippin, and it’s not just because the dog is much taller than him. Frank absolutely adores the pooch that he can’t resist tagging along. So, wherever Pippin goes, Frank goes. They are always together, whether they’re napping on the couch, chilling on the floor, or hanging out at the beach.

The family describes Frank as a fun-loving animal. He loves to explore the outdoors. But in one condition: Pippin has to be there too!

Best Friends Forever

Pippin does not mind that little Frank follows her everywhere. She may not be as expressive as Frank, but there’s no doubt that she loves him just as much. She’s always patient with her little friend and lets him get his way all the time.

Since Frank is so tiny, the family has to tie him up with a safety balloon, so they know where he is when they’re outdoors. Frank is all game with this idea. As long as the cute rodent gets to spend time with Pippin and their humans, he’s happy.

Pippin, the sweet and gentle pup, has found her best friend in Frank, a naughty little guinea pig. They may be different in breed, size, and personality, but they are bound with their love for each other. How sweet is that!

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