The heartwarming story of a rescue dog hailed as a hero for rescuing its elderly owner when he fell into a ditch

Ruby, the rescue dog who was only adopted by Peter Bradley from the Dogs Trust in Salisbury five weeks ago, has been widely praised for her incredible act of heroism. When Mr. Bradley fell into a ditch in Dorset recently, she courageously came to his aid and saved his life. It is admirable that such a young pup could demonstrate such loyalty and devotion towards her new owner – an exemplary example of canine companionship!

Whilst out on a pleasant stroll through the woodland in Bovington last month, Peter suddenly collapsed and tumbled into an adjacent ditch. Fortunately, Ruby – a young five-year-old girl who was also in the area – reacted quickly and leapt to his assistance. She managed to help him out of the ditch, ensuring he received the care he needed.

Rather than running away, Peter’s dog Debbie remained at the scene and her persistent barking eventually caught the attention of a nearby stroller. Returning to the location in Bovington, Dorset where he had tumbled into a ditch, Peter was relieved to find that his faithful canine companion had stayed put despite his sudden disappearance.

Returning to the spot he had fell, Peter openly expressed his emotions with tears and sorrow. The sight of the area still generated strong feelings of sadness for him.

She was barking incessantly, running around in circles, and wouldn’t leave me alone. This isn’t typical behavior for her as she rarely barks, but this time it was almost like she sensed I needed help. Suddenly they appeared at the top of the embankment while I was stuck down in a deep crevice. They found a long stick and used it to hoist me up out of there.

Peter suffers from a debilitating heart condition and dangerously low blood pressure, making the whole experience an incredibly frightening one. He felt a great sense of fear that had been brought on by his medical condition and was left questioning what could happen next.

He was unsure about how much time had elapsed since he had been unconscious, however he does recall that when he eventually became conscious again, he found himself ensnared and prostrate in approximately twelve inches of frigid liquid.

Peter was in serious trouble, filling up with water in his boots, all sorts of it. He couldn’t manage to get out and he felt helpless. When speaking to ITV Meridian, Peter’s partner Debbie expressed her relief and gratitude that he was safe. She noted how easily their dog Ruby could have run away but instead, she stayed by Peter’s side until help arrived. “I’m just glad he’s all right and Ruby did her job,” Debbie said with an air of immense relief. “I’m just so relieved.”

Peter is adamant that his beloved five-year-old rescue dog Ruby has had a profound and life-altering impact on him, going so far as to say that she has actually saved his life. He firmly believes that her unconditional love and unwavering loyalty have been key factors in helping him through some of the toughest times he has ever faced. It’s clear to everyone who knows him just how much Peter loves and appreciates Ruby for all the ways she has been there for him.

After he was rescued, Peter gratefully received the assistance of his neighbours in helping him to get back home. The kind-hearted individuals looked after him, making sure that he was safe and comfortable. Furthermore, paramedics also checked on Peter to ensure that his health condition was satisfactory.

Sarah Abbott of the Dogs Trust proclaimed with delight, “It’s absolutely wonderful to hear about all the amazing things that our dogs do once they find a loving home, however this particular story is particularly extraordinary and outstanding.”

The incredible potential that a rescued dog can bring is something to behold – they could be the one who rescues you. Throughout the United Kingdom, there are around 800 pooches searching for a new family to call their own. While we cannot guarantee that each and every one of these four-legged friends will come equipped with an innate ability to save lives, what we can say is that they will become your most loyal companion.

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