The rescue dog that was deemed the most challenging to find a home for was anxious that he would never be adopted into a loving family

When Donna Clark heard about a black pit bull named Arlo, who was desperately in need of a place to stay for the time being, she realized that it would be quite an arduous task to take him into her home. Nevertheless, she had no hesitation whatsoever in offering him sanctuary and didn’t even contemplate declining his plea for help.

Clark, the president of Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue, comprehends firsthand the predicament of attempting to adopt out black pit bulls. She is uncertain if this is because some people sense this dog is frightening or from an unfounded superstition; however, Clark has a goal to make it happen. Frequently, they prove to

Good rescues don’t just restrict themselves to those animals that will be easy to rehome; they are willing to take on an animal in need, regardless of its physical appearance. Soul 2 Soul expressed this sentiment in a recent Facebook post, emphasizing the importance of providing a home for every eligible pet.

Like many other neglected and disregarded black pit bulls who had come to the shelter before him, Arlo possessed a gentle and amiable countenance and was filled with an upbeat attitude. He couldn’t comprehend why he had been overlooked by potential adopters.

The bright, joyous nature of black pit bulls and black pit bull blends can often be disregarded due to what people observe from the exterior, Clark stated in an interview with The Dodo. While many may look at them with a prejudiced eye, those who really get to know these dogs understand that they possess a loving and affectionate attitude that should not be overlooked.

When Arlo finally discovered a place he could call home, he was overjoyed. However, this new found happiness soon dissipated when his adopters abruptly decided that Arlo’s liveliness and enthusiasm were too much for them to handle and returned him to the shelter. Clark was heartbroken when he saw Arlo back at the same spot where they had first met just days before.

Arlo was entrusted to a competent and seasoned foster mother, who provided him with the love and support he needed to begin his journey of healing. She endeavored to help lift his spirits, providing him with a sense of comfort and security in an unfamiliar environment. After some time, Arlo’s outlook began to improve and he was eventually ready to face life anew with renewed optimism.

When Arlo finally had the opportunity to be reunited with his mom, it was evident that their relationship was meant to be. The undeniable bond between them made it more than worth the lengthy wait for them to get together again.

Clark said that when Arlo’s new adopter first saw him, she was captivated by his stunning visage and felt an overwhelming urge to bring him into her home and make him a part of her family. Instantly, she fell head over heels in love with the pup’s adorable face.

Lately, Arlo has been relishing the advantages of family life – he can be found running and playing with his canine sibling in the lush grass, while also taking pleasure in ample time with his devoted mother. His cherished moments are filled with joy and laughter, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Clark exclaimed that after the tumultuous journey, it had all been worth it. Arlo was delighted to be settled in his new home and both his mom and furry sibling were of the opinion that coat color didn’t matter when they had a pup as extraordinary as him; one which brought joy to their hearts as well as smiles on their faces!

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