This American Singer Added A New Member To Her Family When She Adopted A Rescue Dog

In a social media post, American singer Pink introduced the newest member of her family, a dog named Habañero Mountain Guy Kadashi. The singer made this known to the public through a sweet snapshot of the dog with her two children, Willow and Jameson.

In the post, Pink mentioned that the dog is a rescue dog, and she thanked Labelle Foundation for helping in the dog’s rescue. In the same post, the American singer lauded the organization for the work they do in ensuring the welfare of rescue dogs in Los Angeles.

Even before adopting Habañero, Pink has already been very vocal about her position on adopting dogs. In a separate Instagram post, the singer urged her followers to adopt rescue dogs because it is worth it. She likewise mentioned that these rescue dogs deserve loving homes because of their attitude.

Apart from this Instagram post, Pink also helped raise awareness on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)’s anti-fur campaign. The singer posed nude for this initiative, wherein the photos sparked discourse about the initiative.

As a dog lover, Pink has also experienced losing a dog to old age. In 2018, she bade farewell to her long-time dog named Frangelica. Frangelica became part of the family for almost two decades. This is the reason why it was a challenging phase for the singer’s life when the dog died.

After Frangelica’s death, it took a while for Pink to move forward with her life. The singer even mentioned that she did not want to adopt a dog right away because she was not sure if she is ready to have one.

But this 2021, the singer made a leap of faith when she decided to adopt Habañero. Since Pink is a staunch animal rights advocate, Habañero is in good hands.

Credits to P!nk.



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