This Chihuahua Comes Home After Miraculously Surviving A Fire And A Two-Week Isolation In The Cold

During a fire that broke out at a Michigan apartment complex, a dog named Marble also went missing. Two weeks later, it was all sorts of a miracle when community members found the canine, unharmed, at the same site which the blaze ate up.

His owner Dino Rasera lost all of his belongings in the fire that tore through Michigan at the River North Village Apartments in Mount Clemens on February 13th. But despite all that, there was one possession he couldn’t take his mind off: his lost dog. As the fire ravaged their property, Rasera’s one-year-old chihuahua called Marble got missing amidst the tumult.

In an interview with WDIV, Rasera recalls screaming his dog’s name as soon as he got out of the fire, saying that his dog was all he could think about during that time.

And two weeks after his home and things got destroyed, he focused on nothing except searching for little Marble, with a small hope that she may be discovered alive. And just last Saturday, his fervent wish came true when a keen driver was able to spot Marble peeking against the charred remnants of what was once the River North Village Apartments and instantly identified her to be Rasera’s lost pet.

The kind human being got in touch with Rasera, who wasted no time in darting to his old home to get his beloved dog. They had to contact the authorities for assistance in rescuing Marble from the debris in the apartment complex. Rescuers believe that she got stuck in the damaged structures for two weeks. They, along with Rasera, are mesmerized with how the little canine was able to survive the frigid temperatures of Michigan for that long.

When he was asked about what it felt like to be back with Marble, Rasera says it’s all that matters, adding that his little darling is “irreplaceable.”

Thanks to all their neighbors and community members who helped make this reunion between him and Marble possible, he said that his family has now gotten even bigger! He expressed his gratitude to each of them, who were once strangers, but are now considered a part of his small unit. They only didn’t help him find his dog, but they also raised money to aid him and his Marble to move forward.

And indeed, with the sweetheart safe and back in his arms, Rasera already has everything he needs!

Source: Click on Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV / YouTube


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