Three-Year-Old Spreads Joy at Doggie Snack Shack with Treats for Canine Friends

Terrie North and her three-year-old son Dominic have a love for dogs that began when Dominic was just a baby. When the family moved from Williamsville to Farmington, Terrie wanted to find a way for Dominic to get up close to the dogs he loved. 

Thus, the “Doggie Snack Shack” was born, starting off as a simple pail of ice water labeled “water for dogs.” As time went on, the shack grew into a Rubbermaid container and then a wooden stand with a roof.

Terrie North’s father built a shack for Dominic after seeing his love for dogs, and the neighbors made a sign for him as a Christmas gift.

Once the neighboring dogs found out about the shack, they started visiting regularly. One dog owner, Cara Mulvaney, said that her dog, Winnie, stops every time they pass by the house and knows the family and the route well.

Dominic and his mom set up a “Doggie Snack Shack” outside their home where they offer treats to dogs in their neighborhood. They have become familiar with all the dogs by name and even some new customers who come just to see the shack. 

North and Dom plan to continue the operation for as long as possible to bring joy and positivity to their neighbors, especially during these difficult times. Mulvaney, one of their neighbors, expresses her appreciation for the kindness and sweetness they show to Winnie and the other dogs.


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