Thrown from a Balcony, Dog Finds New Purpose as Service Animal for a Veteran

After surviving a terrifying fall from a second-story balcony and spending months in foster care, Miracle is embarking on a new journey as a service dog for a veteran.

The German Shepherd that was thrown off a balcony in Daytona Beach and went viral in a video last December has been adopted and is set to begin a new life as a service dog for a war veteran. 

The dog’s previous owner, Allison Murphy, was found unfit to care for her and a judge granted a request for the dog to be rehomed. Murphy has been charged with a felony and is banned from owning pets for the next five years.

Last year, a woman named Allison Murphy was reported to be threatening to jump from a balcony at a Daytona Beach hotel. She threw her German Shepherd from the balcony before the police arrived. 

The dog survived and managed to run away. She was rescued by bystanders and brought to an animal clinic where she received treatment for minor injuries. The dog was named “Miracle” because of her survival despite the traumatic incident.

Miracle has been under the care of a foster family since the incident in December. Despite her past, Miracle is still a registered service dog and has been placed with a war veteran who needs an assistance animal by Animal Services. 

Service dogs can aid veterans with physical disabilities and injuries by performing various tasks such as opening doors, retrieving objects, using switches, and calling for help. They also offer emotional support and comfort to veterans who suffer from PTSD or other mental health problems as a result of their service.

In a statement released by Volusia County, Animal Services Director Adam Leath expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to the happy outcome of Miracle’s story, saying, “We are pleased that we were able to intervene with the help of our law enforcement colleagues and prevent Miracle from being further harmed.” 

The animal services and law enforcement agencies in the county remain committed to working together to provide support and aid to both human and animal residents.

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