Tiny Chihuahua Throws A Huge Tantrum When He Sees Unwelcome Pups Take Over His Properties

Dogs can be territorial sometimes, and we’ve seen some lose their minds over some form of invasion of privacy. It’s something we hoomans can relate to, so read on to discover what got this pup all wound up.

tan chihuahua lying on couch

This Chihuahua was chilling on a different spot directly above his usual hangout. Perhaps he wanted another place, but he still needed to watch his property.

He was right about that because soon, some other dogs were all over his stuffed toys, and that got him pretty mad. He yapped and barked his disapproval of the whole thing, but the other pets just ignored him.

So he decided to do a little paw flex to let them know he disapproved, but that didn’t do much. So he woofed as loud as he could, but the sounds that came out were non-threatening.

One of the dogs decided it was time to do a face-to-face talk, so he hopped up to tell the fuming owner to calm down. Nothing terrible would happen if he shared.

The incredulous puppy, owner of the stuffed toys, and master of that marked area barked with all his might. Unfortunately, the intruder pup barked back, and the poor property owner jumped back in fright.

He decided to fight for his rights, so he didn’t stop barking. It’s safe to say that he was a furious little chi, and those paw taps showed the level of frustration he felt.

His owner must be used to these outbursts, so the camera continued rolling. We hope that these doggos all got to settle things out. Perhaps a little scheduling with the toys will do the trick.

It’s okay, doggo; they’ll get the message in time. We were delighted and amused to see you stake your claim, so all in all, you did good, pup!

Photo and video credits to Cheeky Chis via YouTube

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