Tiny Puppy Sheds Tears After Learning That He’s Not Staying Long With His Hooman Mom At Work

Everyone needs time and attention to feel loved; that’s what this doggo got from his hooman parent, so he got used to it. Then mom began spending less and less time with him, which got this fur baby confused.

This soft-hearted pet Chihuahua goes by the name Chico. He’s a pampered dog, and his family loves him, but none loved him more than his hooman mom.

Chico’s mom works as a paramedic, and with round-the-clock shifts,  she’s out saving lives for the greater part of the week. With that kind of work hours, she barely gets to bond with her baby.

The paramedic’s son took Chico to visit their mom at work since she didn’t have the time to come home and rest. While Chico was ecstatic to see his hooman at work, he was devastated when he found out he couldn’t stay with her all day.

That’s when the dog began to shed tears. Chico tried to be brave for mom, but he couldn’t help but cry because she was always away from him. The poor pet struggled to accept the situation.

Aww, we’re sorry, doggo; we appreciate your courage, and we need you to hang in there a bit more, okay? Mom doesn’t want to be away from you either, but the nature of her job demands her presence.

Just a little bit more, and we’re sure she’ll make it up to you. She also misses you, and she needs your hugs and attention the most.

You have no idea how heavenly it feels to get hugs from you after a long day at work.

Cheer up, and who knows? She might come home to sleep the next day, and you can cuddle and hug her while she does. Your mom’s a hero, so we hope she gets a break to rest and hang out with you, Chico!

Photo and video credits to TikTokToxic via YouTube

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