Unbreakable Bond: Two Shelter Dogs Refuse to Be Adopted Separately and Insist on Staying Together

Have you ever seen two unlikely animals become the best of friends? Meet Merrill and Taco, a pit bull and a chihuahua, who became inseparable after being surrendered to Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco. Despite being different breeds, they formed an unbreakable bond and were always seen together, doing everything together, and never left each other’s side.

Their friendship was so strong that if they were ever separated, they would cry. The staff at Rocket Dog Rescue quickly realized the depth of their bond and made a commitment to find them a forever home together. Bonded pairs like Merrill and Taco are not always easy to place, but Rocket Dog Rescue was determined to find a family who would take both of them in.


It didn’t take long for the perfect family to come along, and Merrill and Taco were finally adopted into a loving home. Their new family was ecstatic to have them and could not bear the thought of separating them. Merrill and Taco were overjoyed to have found their forever home together, and their new family was equally happy to have adopted them.

Merrill and Taco’s story serves as a reminder that the bonds between animals are not defined by their breed, species, or even by whether they are related or not. Animals can form deep and meaningful friendships, just like humans do, and it’s up to us to honor and respect those relationships. Bonded pairs like Merrill and Taco may require a little extra effort to find them a forever home, but the joy and love they bring make it all worthwhile.

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