Unwanted Emaciated Dog Who Was Ready To Give Up Is Given A Second Chance At Life

It is incredible how a little love and affection can change one’s life for the better—something that Mickey, an unwanted dog, needed all his life. Mickey was chained up and left emaciated by his owners. When he became too skinny, his family decided that they didn’t want him anymore and was about to throw him away when the Feed Friends Foundation heard about his story and rescued him.

Rescuers from the foundation contacted Mickey’s owners one night to ask if they could have the dog instead of throwing him away. That same night, they went to the address given, and that’s when they saw the emaciated dog, chained up and neglected. But despite everything he experienced, Mickey was still wagging his tail, happy to see the people who are about to rescue him.

They took him to see a vet, where he was given a medical checkup. The dog had a defeated look in his eyes as he lay down on the clinic’s floor. He was just skin and bones. But the foundation promised Mickey a second life where he can be happy.

After his checkup, the foundation introduced him to his foster family, where he will stay until he is ready for adoption. There, he was showered with lots of love and affection. He was also given a healthy diet to help him gain weight.

Months passed, and the look of defeat in Mickey’s eyes slowly turned into happiness. With his foster siblings, he has regained his playful nature. His foster family even takes him out on walks where he gets to experience living life without chains.

Before he could be adopted, they needed Mickey to get used to living inside the house. And before they knew it, the playful dog was enjoying the finer things in life—even enjoying walks on the beach, something he never experienced before.

Months after being rescued, the emaciated dog who was ready to give up has transformed into a healthy and happy dog. The foundation even found him a new loving family who happily adopted him. Watch Mickey’s inspiring story in the video below.

Source Paws on Curacao [ Animal Rescue Channel ] via Youtube

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