Veterinarians race to rescue two dogs addicted to alcohol after being abandoned by deceased owner

Veterinarians rushed to rescue two dogs that were hooked on alcohol after being left out by their deceased owner. Among them was a Labrador who had become the first dog to undergo treatment for alcohol addiction.

The Woodside Animal Welfare Trust received a male puppy named Coco who was experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, which they claimed was a unique experience for them.

According to a statement from the animal rescue organization in Plymouth, Devon, Coco, a Labrador cross aged two years, has been under their care for more than a month now, and he needed intense medical attention upon arrival due to his “tragic” circumstances.

When their owner passed away, Coco and another dog arrived at the shelter together and soon became ill.

Shortly after their owner passed away, the other dog began to have repeated fits, and Coco soon followed. 

According to a Facebook post by the animal shelter, despite the veterinarian’s best efforts to save both dogs, the second dog died while Coco, who was seriously ill, managed to survive.

According to the animal shelter, Coco needed constant care, and his symptoms suggested that he was going through alcohol withdrawal, likely due to his previous owner’s habit of giving him alcohol.

According to the Telegraph, the shelter staff mentioned that the dogs developed an addiction to alcohol because their owner would leave drinks out for them before going to bed. The shelter had to keep the dog sedated for four weeks to manage his withdrawal symptoms and prevent any more seizures.

According to the animal shelter, the treatment for Coco’s alcohol addiction was successful and he has recovered. He will soon be ready for adoption. The shelter stated, “We are grateful that we are now out of danger, and Coco is off all medication and is now beginning to behave like a regular dog.”

The shelter mentioned that although Coco has physically recovered, he is still experiencing anxiety at times, and as a result, he is not yet ready for adoption.

According to the shelter, the Dunroamin Special Care Unit was instrumental in Coco’s recovery and general well-being, as it provided a more homely environment and kept him away from the main kennels. The shelter also stated that without their care, Coco probably would not have survived this “heartbreaking ordeal.”

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