Vets Share Heartbreaking Behaviors Dogs Exhibit During Their Final Moments

The experience of losing a pet can be incredibly difficult and emotionally overwhelming for pet owners. Some may find it so challenging that they are unable to stay with their pets until the very end. However, veterinarians believe that pet owners should be present during this difficult time. A tweet about this topic from Jessi Dietrich gained viral attention.

According to the vet, the hardest part of his job is when he has to euthanize an animal and 90% of the owners choose not to be in the room during the process. The vet expressed how heartbreaking it is to see that many animals spend their last moments desperately longing for their owners’ presence.

The Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa responded to Jessi Dietrich’s tweet with a similar sentiment. They emphasized the importance of pet owners being present for their pets’ final moments, even though it may be difficult.

The clinic encouraged pet owners to stay with their pets until the very end, despite the emotional difficulty it may bring. They emphasized that pets look for their owners when they are left behind and may become anxious and confused if they don’t receive their owner’s comfort.

The veterinarian urged pet owners not to leave their pets alone in a strange room, especially when they are ill, afraid, or elderly, and not to abandon them in their time of need due to their own fear of the emotional pain it may cause.

Dr. Lauren Bugeja, a veterinarian from Melbourne, suggests that euthanizing elderly pets at home can be a challenging process. She believes that although some people may feel too anxious to stay in the room, animals tend to feel calm and peaceful during this time.

To ensure that animals do not suffer fear or distress during their last moments, she always talks to and comforts them with her nurse. 

Dr. Bugeja also mentioned that if pets are left alone in an unfamiliar environment such as a vet office or consultation room, they are more likely to panic as they are unsure of their location. Therefore, if pet owners choose to have the procedure done at a clinic, she recommends staying in the room with their pets.


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