Viral TikTok video shows Alaskan ‘puppy bus’ and wins hearts

Mo Thompson never intended to become a dog walker, let alone to gain popularity on TikTok. However, her videos featuring the dogs she walks, particularly the ones demonstrating how she carries them in what she calls a “puppy bus,” have gained millions of views.

Mo Thompson and her husband, Lee, own a dog walking and training business called Mo Mountain Mutts. Mo never anticipated that her videos of the dogs they walk, particularly those showing how she picks them up and puts them in the “puppy bus,” would become viral on TikTok. 

She explained that the videos feature groups of dogs getting onto the bus, finding their seats, and the Internet went wild, with the videos racking up 50 million views.

The couple’s minibus picks up the dogs from different locations in Skagway, Alaska, and takes them on trail walks, hikes, and swims. The unique and individual personalities of each dog have made them popular with viewers.

Mo Thompson explained that there is a variety of dogs on the bus, with different breeds and ages, which makes it easy for people to relate to them. Viewers often identify themselves with the dogs, saying things like “Oh, my dog’s like Lola” or “I’m like Carl.”

Mo Thompson’s puppy bus has certain fan favorites, and one of them is Jake. He has his unique way of getting on the bus, greeting his friends, doing a circle, and then getting in his seat. According to Thompson, if Jake were a person, he would be the type who has coffee and toast every morning for breakfast and reads the newspaper. Someone even commented that they believe Jake buckles himself in.

The videos also feature Amaru, who is shown waiting for the bus in the snow, and when it arrives, he wags his tail and gets on, still covered in snow.

Mo Thompson and her husband Lee never expected their dog-walking business to turn into a viral sensation. Initially, Mo started posting updates on social media to keep her canine clients’ owners in the loop. She did not intend for it to become a full-fledged business, but it started when she was asked for a favor by her coworkers, even before she had a dog of her own.

Thompson explained that in their small town of Skagway, Alaska, it’s common for people to walk each other’s dogs as a friendly favor. It’s a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other.

According to Thompson, she used to take her friends’ dogs on trails or for walks around the town to keep them active and give her company. After she got her own dogs and teamed up with her friends, the dog walking groups became larger. People started reaching out to her for help with their dog’s training or behavioral problems.

She eventually realized that she was spending a lot on dog treats and poop bags, so she asked her clients for financial support.

Mo Thompson didn’t always have a bus to transport the dogs she walks. Initially, she used to carry them around in a van, and before that, she managed them on a bike. According to Thompson, she has been recognized in her community for a while, but her internet fame started with the bus.

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