Wisconsin Humane Society in Green Bay receives 12 dogs and 9 cats surrendered by their owner

The Wisconsin Humane Society is currently taking care of a group of 21 animals that were surrendered from a single property in Brown County. The animals were discovered to be shy, matted, and timid.

Shaina Allen, the Digital Marketing Coordinator of the Wisconsin Humane Society in Green Bay, explained that they were contacted by a family who needed assistance with taking care of their animals.

On Wednesday morning, the Humane Society workers took 12 small breed dogs and 9 cats from a single Brown County property where they were housed together in pens. The dogs and cats need medical attention, extensive grooming, and behavioral support because they were found timid, nervous, and fearful around people.

According to Shaina Allen of the Wisconsin Humane Society, the dogs and cats were found in an outbuilding with matted fur and ingrown toenails. She explained that situations like this could be due to either a breeding or hoarding situation, and sometimes one can lead to the other.

She also said that she is grateful that the family members contacted them about the animals. Mental health problems may have been a factor in this case.

Shaina Allen stated that it is common for people to need help in situations where the care of animals becomes overwhelming. She also mentioned that asking for help can be difficult, and the Wisconsin Humane Society is there to offer assistance in any way possible

The economy is also a significant factor in many surrenders, although mental health can also play a role in some cases.

Jim Ziegler, Director of the Fox Valley Animal Association, stated that many people facing evictions or homelessness have pets and reach out to surrender them. This situation often involves multiple pets, and some people even live in their vehicles with several cats. Ziegler thinks that pride might prevent people from seeking help in these situations.

He explained that some people abandon their pets in parks or parking lots because they are too proud to ask for help. He also warned that for every discovered abandoned pet, there could be 20 more out there waiting to be found.

Jim expressed his sadness towards the situation, as there are many communities and shelters that offer help such as low-cost services and food pantry. The animals collected by the Humane Society will be taken care of at the Green Bay campus. Some of them will be sent to foster families for behavioral care or medical treatment while others will be ready for adoption at different times.

The animals will undergo spaying or neutering procedure before they are adopted.


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