Woman Gets Unexpected Visit from Lost Pup Seeking Help

While returning home after buying coffee, Kim Delledonne spotted a lonely puppy wandering on the sidewalk across the street. She decided to cross the street and approach the pup. The puppy quickly ran towards her as soon as she said hello. Delledonne realized that the puppy might be lost and in need of her help. However, she knew very little about dogs.

Delledonne stayed with the puppy for a while, but realized that the puppy was lost and had no one to care for him. She couldn’t leave him there and started brainstorming how to take him with her without a leash. She searched around and eventually found an unusual solution.

Delledonne came up with an unconventional solution to take the lost puppy home with her. She thought of using her wired headphones as a leash. The headphones proved to be sturdier than she had expected, as the puppy tugged and ran the whole way home. As she passed people on the way, they smiled, but she was too busy keeping up with the dog to be sure why they were smiling.

After Delledonne brought the puppy safely inside her house, she realized she had a new challenge ahead of her. She had never had a dog before and was uncertain about how to take care of him. Although she had some cat toys which the puppy loved to play with, she was unsure about a lot of things. She decided to post pictures of the pup on Facebook and Nextdoor pages, hoping that his family would reach out to her soon. She was having a great time with the pup, but she wanted to reunite him with his family as soon as possible.

In a short period of time, Delledonne spent her time playing with the puppy and gained some knowledge about taking care of dogs.

Delledonne spent her time playing with the puppy, engaging in activities like fetch and tug of war, which the puppy seemed to enjoy a lot. Despite the puppy’s high energy levels, Delledonne didn’t mind the mess he made, and even found it to be fun. Through her experience with the puppy, she gained a greater appreciation for those who take care of puppies and their boundless energy.

Delledonne sought advice from some of her friends who are dog parents, mainly about how often dogs should be walked and how to know if they need to go to the bathroom. As she had only owned cats before, this was new territory for her. Despite this, she and the puppy were doing well together until the pup’s mother finally contacted her.

After spending about two hours with the puppy, Delledonne posted pictures of him on Facebook pages and Nextdoor, hoping his family would reach out soon. Finally, after two hours, a woman responded to the Nextdoor post and said that it was her dog. The woman told Delledonne that his name was Benji, and Delledonne called him by that name and the puppy reacted, which confirmed his identity. The owner was very grateful and thanked Delledonne for taking care of him. The woman had been searching for her puppy for an hour and was upset because the back gate blew open and he got out on a windy day.

After finding out that the puppy was actually named Benji and belonged to a woman in the neighborhood, Delledonne drove him back to his owner who was very happy to see him. Delledonne said goodbye to Benji and headed home, having learned some valuable lessons. She realized that headphones could be used as a makeshift leash in a pinch and felt more prepared to help if she ever found another lost puppy.

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