Woman Gives Second Chance at Life to 6 Disabled Dogs No One Wanted by Adopting Them

Around 3.3 million dogs are residing in shelters in the United States alone.

Numerous dogs have difficulty getting adopted from shelters and being placed in their forever homes, particularly if they are considered to have some imperfection, like being too old, too unattractive, or being of the “wrong” breed.

Finding new homes for disabled dogs is particularly challenging since many people are hesitant to take on the additional responsibility of caring for a dog with disabilities.

Tracey Fowler is an example of someone who recognizes that all dogs are good dogs, and we need more people like her.

Tracey Fowler is a true dog-lover and she is currently the mother of eight beautiful pup” paraphrase this.

Fowler has given a new lease of life to six disabled pups by adopting them. She started adopting disabled puppies after the death of her beloved dog, Hayden.

Hayden, a senior German shepherd, had degenerative myelopathy, a progressive disease that affects the spinal cord. As a result, he lost the use of his hind legs and needed a wheelchair to get around.

Despite the debilitating effects of degenerative myelopathy, Hayden managed to maintain a good quality of life with the help of his wheelchair. Although the disease eventually took his life after a long fight.

Fowler was deeply moved by Hayden’s fight against degenerative myelopathy and decided to make a difference in the lives of other dogs with special needs. She ended up adopting six such pups and is now committed to ensuring that they have a fulfilling and joyful existence.

The group of loving pups is affectionately known as “The Fowler Herd” and they have a strong bond with each other and with their owner, Tracey Fowler. 

They enjoy playing outside, spending time together, and discovering new things in their surroundings. While two of the pups are able-bodied, the remaining six have disabilities and need special equipment to move around.

Fowler claims that caring for a disabled dog is not as difficult as some might think. While it does require extra effort and may not be feasible for everyone, Fowler believes that many individuals would find it highly fulfilling. Her pups, all of whom are cheerful, loving, and vibrant, are a testament to this.

Fowler aims to inspire others through her Fowler Herd, especially in helping disabled pups have a full and meaningful life. With the help of chairs and skis, her pups can run, play, and enjoy life despite their disabilities. 

Fowler believes that taking care of a disabled dog requires extra work, but it can be rewarding, and her pups serve as living proof that these dogs can still be happy and full of life.

Fowler hopes that her story and her love for disabled pups can encourage other pet owners to consider alternatives instead of giving up on their sick pets. She reportedly told Bored Panda, “If we are able to show one owner there is another option besides saying goodbye [to their sick pet], then that’s what our goal is.”

Fowler’s affectionate pups are fortunate to have a devoted and caring pet parent. With her love and dedication, they are able to live life to the fullest and enjoy the company of a big, happy family. Hopefully, her example will encourage more people to adopt disabled dogs, allowing even more pups to have long and joyful lives.

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