Woman On Vacation In Aruba Rescues Sick-Looking Stray Dog

We all deserve to have a vacation every now and then. This is the time for us to relax and to unwind. For one woman, though, going on a vacation also meant saving the lives of stray dogs.

Well, one dog in particular.

Skin like stone

Melissa was in Aruba with her family to enjoy some time off. While there, the American noticed that there were many stray dogs that roamed around the streets. But one dog caught her attention more than the others. This dog looked like it had the worst experiences in life. Its skin was so mangy and dirty as if it was stone.

The kind-hearted woman knew that she had to do something.

The very next day, Melissa bought some food and brought some dishes with her. She went to the same area where she saw the sickly dog and took out the food. She hoped that maybe it would entice him to come out.

Several dogs did come out and ate the food, but the mangy dog was nowhere to be found. Disappointed but not hopeless, Melissa decided to go back the next day.

When she did, she immediately saw the pup. Excitedly, she parked her car and called out to the pooch. She could immediately see that the dog was friendly. It walked across the street and went straight to her. It was as if he knew that Melissa was there to save him.

But Melissa couldn’t get him in the car just yet. She had nowhere to bring the pup. So she took videos and photos of the dog and posted it on her social media. She was hoping someone could point her towards a local dog rescue organization that could help in the dog’s rescue.

The very next day, a local pet rescue group called Sgt. Pepper’s Friends got in touch with her and told Melissa that if she could bring the dog to them, they will take care of him. She immediately agreed.

Melissa went back, took the dog, which she now named Ozzy, and brought him to a vet. There they had a look at him and also gave Ozzy a medicated bath. Thankfully, there was nothing seriously wrong with him. Ozzy was then moved to the shelter, where they found a foster mom for him.

When Melissa came back a month after, it was as if she saw a different dog. Ozzy looked younger than before and was happier. Thanks to the good heart of a woman on vacation, Ozzy is now living the life he deserves.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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