Woman’s Sweet Visit to Elder Brother Surrounded by Joyful Dogs Goes Viral

A Nigerian woman, identified as @mhizrhema, has shared an adorable video of how her brother’s dogs greeted her with love when she paid him a visit. The video, which she posted on her TikTok account, shows several dogs of various breeds jumping up and wagging their tails as she pets their heads. According to the woman, the dogs always welcome her with such enthusiasm.

At the beginning of the video, the dogs were already waiting at the gate before the lady arrived. During the video, she had to pick up one of the dogs at a certain point.

Many people observed that the woman was courageous for interacting with what seemed to be intimidating dogs, but she explained that her entire family are dog enthusiasts.

Several commenters expressed their thoughts about the video of the dogs welcoming their owner’s sister. User2127189879530 said that he loves dogs as human best friends. Opeoluwa fasinu commented about Huskies, saying that they always prove to be werey. Bosslady21 expressed an “Aaaaaaaaaaaawww” reaction to the video but said that it could never be her. Sanusi Victor commented that if he was the owner, he would come to his house to see him. Williams Jones737 emphasized that one must be good to dogs. Raedeemade jokingly asked if the elder brother’s Bullmastiff is female because she has a husband for her, too. Lastly, Hibrolesky asked if the brother is Naira Marley, a Nigerian musician known for his love of dogs.

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