Working Like a Dog: How Dogs with Jobs Are Making the World a Better Place

People who love dogs are aware that they bring joy and positivity in their lives. But dogs who are trained for specific jobs have a significant role in serving their communities. Below are five remarkable dogs with jobs that are likely to motivate you.

Dogs not only make great household pets but some have jobs that serve their families or communities in a special way. Although some dogs have unofficial jobs, such as reminding their owners to go for a walk or providing comfort, there are also dogs that perform important jobs. Here are some of the jobs that dogs can do.

1. Dogs are capable of comforting veterans and service members.

The Warrior Canine Connection is an organization that provides service dogs to veterans with physical disabilities. The dogs are trained by veterans and service members who have also suffered from Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injuries. 

These working dogs help veterans and their families recover and readjust to daily life after their service. They offer mobility and social support and become lifelong partners to the veterans they serve. You can watch these skilled working dogs in action.

2. Dogs can assist individuals with disabilities.

The organization Oknooshoon has established a certification program for therapy dogs in Armenia, which they use to train rescue dogs to become therapy dogs that work in facilities for youth and individuals with disabilities. The dogs undergo training and certification before they start their job, where they provide therapeutic interventions, including facilitated group activities. 

Additionally, Oknooshoon arranges educational visits with their partner facilities to educate communities on how to interact safely with dogs. The organization aims to combat prejudice against mixed-breed and rescue dogs through positive human-dog interactions.

3. Dogs have the ability to detect landmines.

APOPO vzw trains dogs to help detect landmines in Cambodia where experts estimate there are hundreds of thousands of landmines scattered throughout the countryside due to years of war. The dogs are equipped with smart GPS backpacks that transmit images and allow communication with their handlers. When the dogs detect landmines, they stop and their human handlers record the positions so that the landmines can be safely removed. By detecting landmines, these dogs are helping to make the land safe for communities to carry out activities like drilling wells and planting crops.

4. Dogs have the ability to prevent seizure complications.

Trained seizure response dogs can assist people with epilepsy by alerting others and calling for help when seizures occur. The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation provides grants to families affected by epilepsy to match them with service dogs that can perform this important job. These dogs are also capable of carrying medicine and helping their partner find a safe place to rest. This work is essential in preventing complications associated with epilepsy, including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.

5. Dogs can be used to protect cheetahs that are endangered.

In Namibia, ranchers have been killing cheetahs for preying on their livestock. To protect both livestock and cheetahs, the Cheetah Conservation Fund has bred and provided special dogs that are trained to guard goats and other livestock from cheetahs. These dogs develop a bond with their owners and alert the herds about any incoming predators. Their bark alone is often enough to scare off potential attackers. These working dogs are playing a vital role in protecting endangered cheetahs.


Dogs possess remarkable abilities that enable them to serve significant purposes beyond just being pets. They require our assistance to continue their life-changing contributions. You can show support and admiration for working dogs by backing one of the programs mentioned earlier or searching for other dog-related initiatives globally that interest you.


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